Wide Applications

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Heavy Duty Gratings Various Areas
Maintenance Walkways Various Areas
Access Ramps Light Traffic Access Ramps
  Disabled Access Ramps
Balustrade Infills Balconies – Galleries
  Balustrade Infills – Fence
Light well & Outlet gratings Drainage
  Light well shafts
  Outlet gratings
Horizontal Ventilation Above Heating System
  Underground Car Parks
  Underground Ventilation
Railways Access ratings
  Railway Crossings
  Railway Bridges
  Stair treads and staircases
Miscellaneous Various Areas
Entrance Gratings Scraper Gratings
  Step Gratings
Ceiling Grills Canopies
  Ceiling Covering
Vertical Cladding Decoration
Cement Plant Conveyor Gallery
Sugar Plant Distilleries
Refineries Coal mines
Screening Bicycle sheds
  Car park ventilation
  Fence shielding
  Protective grids
  Other applications
Stair treads and staircases 2 & 3 steps staircases
  Mesh gratings
  Spiral stair treads
  Temporary stair treads
  Other stair treads
Sun screening and Brise soleil Horizontal Sun screening
  Sun screening & Glass catching
  Sun screening & Maintenance walkways
  Vertical sun screening
Vertical Ventilation Various Areas
Flooring and Walk Areas External Gallery
  Flooring General
  Foot Bridges & Walkways
  Kitchen & Flooring
Industry Aqua Cleaning
  Chemical Industry
  General Industry
  Power & Heating Stations
  Offshore Industry
  Stock & Storage Systems
Paper Mills Ceramic Industries
  Ship Decks
Storage Tanks Industrial Water Treatment Plants
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Glass Manufacturing Plants
Pipeline Platforms Cat walks for various areas