Toe Plate and Banding

Maximum depth of toe plate is (a+d). It should not extend below the bearing bars. The minimum recommended dimension for "a", the projection of toe plate above the grating, is 4".

Attachment to Length of Bearing Bar

Toe plate to be welded with alternating 1/8" fillet welds, 1' long every 12".

Attachment to End of Bearing Bar

Load carring toe plates to be welded at each bearing bar with a fillet weld the size of the bearing bar thickness (t), 3/4" long. Non-load carrying toe plates to be welded to bearing bars with 1/8" fillet weld (3/16" for heavy dudy), 3/4" long every 5".

Standard Trim Band

End band to be welded with 1/8" fillet welds (3/16" for heavy dudy),3/4" long every 5".

Load Banding (must specify)

Load carrying end to be welded with fillet weld the size of bearing bar thickness (t) and the length of bearing bar depth (d) at each bearing bar. This spec is for standard grating. Refer to NAAMM MBG 532 for heavy dudy spec.