Create Extra Space

Mezzanines provide profit generating floor space without expensive building expansions or relocation costs. Our engineered mezzanine systems are designed to take advantage of unused overhead space while maintaining open productive space below, in your Warehouse, Godown, Office, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels etc.,

If your building has more than 4.5m in height, this could be the answer for you.

Whether you need a little or a lot of additional floor space we can design a custom solution to fit your exact requirements. Working closely with the customer we can quickly provide various design options and alternatives that will provide a cost-effective engineered solution for expanding your manufacturing, distribution center or storage space requirements. All of our solutions are engineered, designed and manufactured to meet or exceed local building code requirements.

For storage purposes please indicate if a mezzanine floor is for light use 4.8 Kn/m² (480kg in a metre square), a mezzanine floor is for medium use 7.32 Kn/m² (732kg in a metre square), or a mezzanine floor is for heavy use 9.6 Kn/m² (960kg in a metre square). If you are in any doubt please contact our mezzanine floor sales team for assistance.

We can provide a turnkey solution that best utilizes your existing warehouse and other spaces in conjunction with the use of a mezzanine structure.

All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality structural steel materials. To keep the structure components as unobtrusive as possible we select materials that optimize strength while also providing toughness for real world abuse resistance in the fast paced world of manufacturing and distribution.

If the time should come that you need to relocate, resize or expand your mezzanine we can easily accommodate your needs. The prefabricated bolted steel structure can easily be dismantled and resized or relocated. By engineering and utilizing modular components for the mezzanine structure from the outset, we can offer quick turnaround for additional components, should you need to expand the mezzanine.

We offer a variety of mezzanine flooring such as welded bar gratings decking or engineered mezzanine flooring panels. Gratings can be covered with thick plywood incase it is required. All our mezzanine floors are engineered to suit the end customer’s requirements.