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About Solar

Solar power is a new technology that is natural and cost effective for it is free of cost after the system has been installed. Solar panel plays a major role in capturing this energy from the sun which has become more efficient over the years.

It is very much environment friendly and there is no fuss of greenhouse gasses as a matter of fact it cuts cost of fuel. The potential for solar energy is enormous, since about 200,000 times the world's total daily electric-generating capacity is received by the Earth everyday in the form of solar energy. The sun is an extremely powerful source of energy; it is totally renewable because it never runs out of energy.

India is poised at the threshold of opportunity to grow and expand its role in PV adoption and manufacturing and potentially becoming a global leader in this technology. Specific driver for PV in India include the country's rapidly rising primary energy and electricity needs, the persistent energy deficit situation, the country's overdependence on coal for electricity generation and on oil and gas imports (amounting to 7% of its GDP). These factors coupled with India's endowment with abundant irradiation, with most parts of the country enjoying 300 sunny days a year, make PV particularly attractive to the country's energy strategy.

Technologies adopted

  • Crystalline Silicon (Multi/ Mono)
  • Amorphous Silicon Thin Films
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Solar Supplier in Chennai
Crystalline Silicon
Amorphous Silicon
vishva rupaa
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